Subaward Suspension or Early Termination

SPO may need to suspend or terminate a subaward for several reasons. Some examples include:

  • The sponsor suspends or terminates the Prime Award.
  • UC Berkeley relinquishes the Prime Award.
  • The sponsor stops making funding available or will not pay submitted UC Berkeley invoices.
  • There are delays or other factors that impact UC Berkeley’s research progress.
  • The Subrecipient’s PI leaves the Subrecipient institution and a suitable replacement is not identified.
  • The Subrecipient completes their Statement of Work early and no additional work or funding is required by the Subrecipient.
  • The Subrecipient can’t or won’t be able to complete their Statement of Work.
  • The Subrecipient does not comply with the subaward or Prime Award terms.
  • The Subrecipient commits fraud or misuses subaward funds.


Because subaward termination or suspension is not an expected event and may involve sensitive issues, if you believe there is a need to suspend or terminate a subaward, please email the Subaward Team at, as soon as possible, for guidance on how to proceed. Your email should provide the relevant Subaward Number and an explanation for the suspension/termination. After reviewing the situation, the Subaward Specialist will guide you on when it is time to submit a formal request for the suspension or termination. At a minimum, the request should contain:

  • For a Suspension:
    • The effective date of the suspension;
    • The duration of the suspension; and
    • The scope of the suspension (e.g. all activities; or specific activities).
  • For a Termination:
    • The effective date of the termination.

For the next steps in the process, see Subaward Closeout .

If you have questions, please contact the Subaward Team at If you have a suggestion on how we might improve SPO’s subaward services, please drop it in the Subaward Suggestion Box.