Subaward Closeout

The following is a general overview of the roles for those involved in subaward closeout.

UC Berkeley PI/Research Assistant Role

When a Subrecipient completes their work, the UC Berkeley Principal Investigator (PI) must check that the Subrecipient has submitted all required reports and deliverables, before approving UC Berkeley’s payment of the Subrecipient’s final invoice.

The subaward invoicing and reporting terms, and the deliverables/milestones table (if applicable) will indicate what materials are due to UC Berkeley, and when those materials are due.

In general:

  • The Subrecipient’s technical reports should go to the UC Berkeley PI. This may include final invention reporting and final property reporting.
  • The Subrecipient’s financial reporting should go to the Post-Award Financial Contact named in the subaward.

The Subrecipient’s Final invoice should go to Contracts and Grants Accounting.

A Subaward Closeout Checklist, available on the SPO UC Berkeley Forms page, provides a list of reports and deliverables typically required of Subrecipients; but you should always check the subaward’s specific terms to see its final reporting requirements. SPO provides the Subaward Closeout Checklist as a helpful tool for the UC Berkeley PI and their Research Administrator. However, you are not required to complete this form, or provide it to SPO.

The UC Berkeley PI must provide the sponsor with any reporting or deliverables required from the Subrecipient. Failure to do so, according to timelines in the Prime Award, can negatively impact future funding from the sponsor.

Contracts and Grants Accounting Role

Contracts and Grants Accounting (CGA) prepares and submits final financial reports to UC Berkeley’s sponsors. For a full description of the Contracts and Grants Accounting closeout process, see Closeout for Subawards on the CGA subaward page.

For questions related to Prime Award and subaward financial closeout, please contact CGA.

SPO’s Role

SPO allows subawards to closeout “naturally,” as of the performance period end date. No SPO transaction (e.g. amendment) is needed to close out a subaward. SPO’s role during subaward closeout is to field questions from the UC Berkeley PI and Research Administrator, and to address any enforcement issues related to the subaward. If you have questions about a subaward’s terms during closeout, please contact

A subaward’s status in Phoebe Search will automatically change to “Expired” after both the subaward and its supporting Prime Award have ended.

When a subaward has ended, but the Prime Award is still active, the subaward’s status will read “Inactive – Awaiting PI Request for Amendment.” If you do not plan to further extend a subaward’s performance period, you may contact and ask SPO to change the status to “Closed.”

Note that SPO can re-activate subawards with a “Closed” or “Expired” status, by amending the subaward, as long as the Prime Award is still active.

If you have questions, please contact the Subaward Team at If you have a suggestion on how we might improve SPO’s subaward services, please drop it in the Subaward Suggestion Box.