Please remember for most questions your first resource is your department or unit Research Administrator. When it is appropriate to contact SPO, type in all or part of your department or unit name to find your SPO Contract and Grant Officer (CGO):

Name Phone Email
Assistant Vice Chancellor — Research Administration and Compliance
Patrick Schlesinger
Brandon Amargo, Executive Assistant to the Assistant Vice Chancellor 643-2836
Sponsored Projects Office
Pam Miller, Executive Director 642-2925
Angela R. Ford, Associate Director Responsibility Areas 642-8117
Noam Pines, Associate Director Responsibility Areas 643-3891
SPO General Inquiries 642-0120  
SPO Contract and Grant Officers
Joy Ayson-Yu 664-4458
Cora Basada 642-2783
Dave Beza 664-9278
Mary Bonvillain 643-5603
Jessie Brown 642-8120
Jeffrey Bui 643-2734
Jason Cheung 642-8112
Joyce Chun Diaz 642-8109
Angela Ford 642-8117
Sabina Gafarova 664-4460
Erin Lentz 643-2152
Angela Martinez 642-8113
Paul Martinez 642-8115
Margaret Nguyen 664-7489
Thanh Nguyen 664-9014
Theresa Saunders-Landreth 664-7401
Joyce So 643-7365
Dave Weldon 643-4661
Conflict of Interest Committee
Alaisha Hellman, Coordinator 642-0122
Information Technology
Neil Maxwell, Director 642-0123
Froylan Fernandes 642-2899
Ken Geis 642-2246
Nancy Han 642-8121
Dan Percival 643-0960
Shelley Sprandel 642-8122
Weilyn Tat 642-8111


Sponsored Projects Office
University of California, Berkeley
1608 Fourth Street, Suite 220
Mail Code 5940
Berkeley CA, 94710-1749

c/o UC Berkeley
1608 Fourth Street, Suite 101
Berkeley CA, 94710-1749

510/642-0120 (information)
510/642-8236 (facsimile)

Attention External Sponsors: Notices of awards to UC Berkeley should be sent to


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