Program Income


Program income means gross income earned by the University that is directly generated by a supported activity or earned as a result of the federal award during the period of performance. Program income includes but is not limited to income from fees for services performed, the use or rental or real or personal property acquired under federal awards, the sale of commodities or items fabricated under a federal award, license fees and royalties on patents and copyrights, and principal and interest on loans made with federal award funds. Interest earned on advances of federal funds is not program income. Except as otherwise provided in federal statutes, regulations, or the terms and conditions of the federal award, program income does not include rebates, credits, discounts, and interest earned.

Program Income Anticipated at the Proposal Stage

If the Principal Investigator anticipates that program income will be generated by the sponsored project if it is funded, check yes under “Is program income anticipated as part of this project?” in the Questions Tab in Phoebe. This does not commit the PI to generating program income; it is merely a way for Contracts and Grants Accounting to monitor projects that have the potential to generate such funds.

Program Income Generated after the Award

Should any program income from the project be generated after the award (planned or unplanned), PIs and departments should notify Contracts and Grants Accounting as soon as possible to determine how the sponsor requires these funds be treated and/or reported.

Please Note: If program income is generated from a federal award subject to the Uniform Guidance (200.307), the program income may be added to and used for the purposes and under the conditions of the federal award if (a) the federal award’s terms and conditions do not specify another method of treating program income, and (b) the PI works through SPO to obtain prior approval from the federal sponsor.