The federal application Standard Form 424 (SF 424) includes the question “Is application subject to review by State Executive Order 12372 process?”

Executive Order 12372 (E.O. 12372), “Intergovernmental Review of Federal Programs,” structures the federal government’s system of consultation with state and local governments on its decisions involving grants, other forms of financial assistance, and direct development. Under E.O. 12372, states, in consultation with their local governments, design their own review processes and select those federal financial assistance and direct development activities they wish to review. Since October 1, 1983, most states, including the State of California, have acted to establish a review and comment system in response to E.O. 12372. In such cases, applicants for grants will need to meet the requirements of the intergovernmental consultation process established by a particular state and its local governments before Federal agencies take action on the application.

The Assistance Listings (Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance [CFDA]) lists the federal programs subject to review. Search for “12372.”

The State of California office for E.O. 12372 review is the State Clearinghouse for federal grant review in the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research.

Principal investigators and department staff preparing proposals to federal agency grant programs need to check individual solicitations to see whether E.O. 12372 applies, and mark the SF 424 form correctly: “Yes” on the SF 424 form if the program is, and “No” if it is not. SPO staff will take care of faxing the SF 424 to the State Clearinghouse.