proposalCENTRAL at Berkeley

proposalCENTRAL is a web-based grant management service for proposal submission and review. proposalCENTRAL has a number of participating non-profit, state, and private grantmakers. The participating grantmakers all use proposalCENTRAL’s services to facilitate the application and review process. Participants include the American Cancer Society, the American Lung Association, and UCOP programs. This page is a quick reference for Berkeley investigators and staff using proposalCENTRAL.

Please remember to START EARLY! especially if you are using proposalCENTRAL for the first time.

Steps for using proposalCENTRAL

Register for proposalCENTRAL

  • Applicants need to register only once to apply for any of the programs offered in proposalCENTRAL. The Berkeley campus is already registered as an institution.
  • Read the proposalCENTRAL guidance on How to Register as a proposalCENTRALUser for more information. If you have already registered, log in to the system.

Identify the program, access agency guidelines and application

  • Opportunities are listed on proposalCENTRAL, along with links to program guidelines.
  • To apply, log in, click on the “Grant Opportunities” tab on the top right, find the program you wish to apply for, and click on “Apply Now” in the “Apply” column on the right to see the application package and begin work on your proposal. The application is available after entering proposal information.
  • Read the proposalCENTRAL How to Create an Application guidance or refer to the Frequently Asked Questions for more information. If you need more help, contact a SPO Contract and Grant Officer (CGO).

Complete the application

  • To work on your application, go to the “Manage Proposals” tab after logging in.
  • Complete and save the “Title Page” section to access other Proposal Sections.
  • To enable your co-investigators, department or grants administrators to receive system notifications, provide information under “Enable Other Users to Access this Proposal” on the menu to
  • Under “Institution & Contacts”
    • Signing official: Check with your SPO CGO to determine if Noam Pines or Angela Ford should be listed as the signing official, or check responsibility areas.
    • See the SPO staff list to select the Contract and Grant Officer.
    • Elizabeth Chavez ( is the fiscal contact.
  • When you have added access to the above, all other information is complete, and you are ready to submit, click on “Print Cover/Signature Pages” on the menu. Click the “Print Signature Pages and Attached PDF Files” button to print the signature pages plus attached files. Follow the program guidelines for any additional requirements for printing and submitting any other proposal information in the hard-copy submission.

Provide a copy to SPO for review using Phoebe

Submit application and signed Cover/Signature Page to the agency

  • After review and approval, SPO will return the signed Cover/Signature Page to you to be sent to the sponsoring agency.
  • You can then click “Submit” in the right menu to submit your application to proposalCENTRAL.
  • The signed Cover/Signature Page must be received by the sponsoring agency by the agency deadline. The application is not final until the agency has received a Cover/Signature Page with an institutional signature.