Sponsored Projects

The Sponsored Projects Office (SPO) at the University of California, Berkeley is responsible for reviewing and authorizing proposals for submission and for interpreting, negotiating, and accepting contracts and grants for sponsored projects funded by federal and state agencies, foundations, and other public and private sources. SPO prepares and negotiates all subawards for collaborative research. SPO also provides resources for finding funding opportunities. If you have any questions, please go to the SPO Staff List and input the name of your department/unit in the search box above the contact list. This will enable you to find the Contract and Grant Officer assigned to assist you.

Key Policies and Procedures
Award Spotlight
  • Alexandre M. Bayen, Civil and Environmental Engineering, $6,599,998, California Department of Transportation, “Connected Corridors (ICM 2)”
  • Chris Somerville, Energy Biosciences Institute, $5,000,000, BP Group, “EBI”
  • Jeffrey S. Cox, MCB, $3,832,921, NIAID, “Host-Directed Strategies to Create Synergistic Antibacterial Therapies”
  • Elad Alon, EECS, $2,908,013, DARPA, “Agile Hardware Design in Extreme Process Technologies (AHDEPT)”
  • Ellen A. Robey, MCB, $1,913,699, NIAID, “Signals that Control Thymocyte Migration”
  • Jennifer R. Wolch, Institute of Urban and Regional Development, $1,500,000, Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, “The Global Urban Humanities Initiative 2016-20”
  • Jennifer Granholm, Energy and Climate Institute, $1,500,000, JPB Foundation, “American Jobs Project”
  • Thomas Maimone, Chemistry, $1,394,609, NIGMS, “Synthesis of Complex Terpenes from Simple Precursors”
  • Amy Herr, QB3, $1,311,669, DOD Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program, “Scrutinizing ER Isoform Heterogeneity and Adverse Patient Outcomes in Triple Negative Breast Cancer”
  • Jennifer A. Doudna, QB3, $1,000,000, William M. Keck Foundation, “Nanowire Delivery of CRISPR-Cas9 for Genome Engineering in Primary Human T Cells”
  • John Vallerga, SSL, $973,976, NASA, “Development of Large Area (100x100 mm) Photon Counting UV Detectors”

Sponsored activities with industry and incoming Material Transfer Agreements are managed by IAO. Outgoing MTAs are managed by OTL.