Sponsored Projects

The Sponsored Projects Office (SPO) at the University of California, Berkeley is responsible for reviewing and authorizing proposals for submission and for interpreting, negotiating, and accepting contracts and grants for sponsored projects funded by federal and state agencies, foundations, and other public and private sources. SPO prepares and negotiates all subawards for collaborative research. SPO also provides resources for finding funding opportunities.

Key Policies and Procedures
Award Spotlight
  • Austin J. Roorda, Optometry, $3,263,329, NEI, “Interferometric Optophysiology of the Human Retina”
  • Edward A. Arens, CEDR, $2,618,462, DOE, “Heating and Cooling the Human Body with Wirelessly Powered Devices”
  • Qiang Zhou, MCB, $2,123,070, NIAID, “Regulation of Transcriptional Elongation by HIV-1 Tat”
  • Joel W. Grube, SPH, $1,762,117, NIAAA, “Prevention Science Research Training Program”
  • Larry Rohrbough, EECS, $1,575,825, Commission on Higher Education, “Resilient Cyber Physical Societal Scale Systems”
  • David Schaffer, QB3, $1,239,276, California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, “Engineered Biomaterials for Scalable Manufacturing and High Viability Implantation of hPSC-Derived Cells to Treat Neurodegenerative Disease”
  • Polina Lishko, MCB, $2,154,701, NIGMS, “Molecular Identity of Human Sperm Potassium Channel and Its Role in Male Fertility”

Sponsored activities with industry and incoming Material Transfer Agreements are managed by IPIRA.