The Jet Propulsion Laboratory sent the following notification to the Sponsored Projects Office.

January 14, 2019

As you may be aware, NASA’s operations were shut down after December 21, 2018, JPL has continued to operate up to the limit of funds currently on hand, but no additional funds will be available until the Government resumes operations.

Cost- type subcontracts must adhere to the “Limitation of Funds” and “Limitation of Cost” general provisions in your subcontract(s), while incrementally-funded fixed price subcontracts must adhere to the “Limitation of Institute’s Obligation” special provision and the terminal liability schedule contained therein. This will determine how long the work can continue on your JPL subcontract(s). Do not exceed the funds allotted to the subcontract(s) as additional funds will not be provided. Additional funding will only be available when NASA resumes funding JPL.


Gabriel Obregon
Subcontracts Manager, University Subcontracts Section