NASA sent the following notification pertaining to a contract to the Sponsored Projects Office.

December 26, 2018

Subject: Contract. Federal Government Shutdown due to Absence of Appropriations

As of December 21, 2018 there is no longer appropriated funding for Federal Agencies, including NASA. As a result, the Goddard Space Flight Center installation will be conducting an orderly shut-down on December 26, 2018 with limited exceptions for specific activities, unless additional appropriated funds are received by the Agency.

To the extent the subject contract includes work performed on-site at a NASA facility, the NASA facility will not be available for the performance of such work beginning on December 26, 2018. Unless the Agency receives an additional appropriation on or before December 26, 2018, you are instructed to commence an orderly shut-down of your onsite operations and you are to preserve resources and take all actions necessary to minimize costs incurred under the subject contract during this Government shutdown. This includes notifying your employees immediately of this orderly shutdown.

To the extent work can be performed at another off-site location under the contract and the work does not require any civil servant oversight or other government support, such work shall continue as long as funds remain available for such performance. The “limitation of funds” clause in your contract will determine how long that work can continue. You are reminded that the date shown in the contract for funding coverage for this work is only an estimated date. Funds could actually be exhausted prior to that date or may cover performance beyond that date. You are encouraged to closely manage the available funding as additional funding will not be provided while the Agency is without appropriations. Also, you are cautioned to carefully plan the work to be performed as Government oversight and administrative personnel (e.g. quality inspectors) will not be available to support your ongoing activities. Contractors can continue to use their government provided IT and can access NASA’s systems through VPN to perform work under the contract.

You are to preserve resources and take all actions necessary to minimize costs incurred under the subject contract during this Government shutdown.

Deliveries will not be accepted at NASA facilities during shutdown; delivery trucks will be denied access at the gate, unless specifically authorized for excepted work.

The direction in this letter is in effect until appropriations are restored. You shall be responsible for monitoring the local radio, television stations, NASA Web sites, and other communications channels for updates. Once Federal appropriations again become available, you are authorized to return to work and the NASA installation will reopen and funds can be added to your contract as deemed necessary and Government oversight and administrative personnel will resume their ordinary duties.

Tracey A. Jones
Contracting Officer