COVID-19 Related Proposals, Awards, and Subawards


To ensure proposals and awards related to COVID-19 are processed as efficiently as possible, campus principal investigators (PIs) that plan to submit COVID-19 related proposals are asked to do two things:

  1. Notify SPO that a proposal related to COVID-19 will be submitted by completing the COVID-19 Proposals Notification Form.
  2. Insert “COVID-19” at the beginning of the project title. Example: COVID-19: Rest of Project Title.

These two actions will enable SPO to put COVID-19 related proposals and awards on the fast track when received.

Late Proposals

Many of the COVID-19 related funding programs that are emerging at this time have imminent deadlines that make it difficult to comply with internal SPO deadlines. To make it possible for UC Berkeley principal investigators (PIs) to contribute their expertise to resolving the national health crisis, SPO’s internal deadlines will be modified as follows for COVID-19 related proposals only:

Any COVID-19 proposal that is submitted to SPO that does not meet the VCR’s four-day deadline for SPO’s initial review will be automatically approved as a late proposal. There is no need for the PI to submit a VCR Late Proposal Approval Request, and the PI will not be charged with a late proposal.

PIs should still submit the final version of the proposal at least eight business hours before the sponsor’s proposal deadline to ensure approval and timely submission.

To ensure that SPO personnel are available to review and submit these proposals, PIs should complete and submit a COVID-19 Proposals Notification Form to alert SPO that a late proposal will be forthcoming. PIs should also insert “COVID-19” at the beginning of the project title.  Example: COVID-19: Rest of Project Title.

Expedited Awards and Subawards

SPO will prioritize the processing of COVID-19 related awards and subawards. As awards are received from sponsors, SPO will expedite the review, negotiation, and set-up of these awards to ensure work on the project can begin without unnecessary delay.

Outgoing subawards to Berkeley partners also will be expedited to the extent possible. When submitting the Subaward Request Form to please place “COVID-19” in the subject line to ensure a prompt response. If involvement with a for-profit entity is envisioned, PIs should review the Subrecipient vs. Supplier Wizard to ensure that the entity is categorized appropriately before submitting the request.