COVID-19 Related Proposals, Awards, and Subawards


COVID-19 related funding related opportunities are now being announced by government and non-profit sponsors with enough lead time for UC Berkeley principal investigators (PIs) to respond without having to obtain VCR approval for a late proposal.

As of July 1, 2021, SPO has discontinued its special notification procedure for COVID-related proposals.

As of July 1, 2021, all late proposals, including COVID-related proposals, will be subject to the VCR’s standard late proposal policy and procedures.

To help the campus track proposals and awards related to COVID-19, PIs who plan to submit COVID-19 related proposals are asked to insert “COVID-19” at the beginning of the project title. Example: COVID-19: Rest of Project Title.

Expedited Awards and Subawards

Outgoing subawards related to COVID-19 will be expedited to the extent possible. If involvement with a for-profit entity is envisioned, PIs should review the Subrecipient vs. Supplier Wizard to ensure that the entity is categorized appropriately before submitting the request.