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Phoebe Proposal is the UC Berkeley system for proposal approvals and routing from departments and units to the Sponsored Projects Office and the Industry Alliances Office. If you or your unit needs access to Phoebe, please see Guidance for Units Joining Phoebe or contact phoebe-help@lists.berkeley.edu. If you have questions about Phoebe, please send email to phoebe-help@lists.berkeley.edu or contact your SPO Contract and Grant Officer or IAO Representative.

Note: Please use Adobe Acrobat or Reader to fill out PDF forms. If you have difficulty filling out a form, please download the form to a local computer before filling it out.


Type Guidance Form Revision Date
PSI-FVAR Template NSF: Supporting a Safe and Inclusive Research Environment Plan for a Safe and Inclusive Research Environment in NSF Off-campus and Off-site Research Settings 1/2023
VCR Late Proposal Approval Request Vice Chancellor for Research Policy on Proposal Submissions to SPO VCR Late Proposal Approval Request Form 9/2019
Conflict of Interest/Financial Disclosure Conflict of Interest Committee NASA, NSF and Other Non-PHS Federal Financial Disclosure (for NASA, NSF, UCOP Special Research Programs, CIRM) 12/2023
PHS Financial Disclosure (for PHS agencies (including NIH), American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, Alliance for Lupus Research, Arthritis Foundation, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, others) 1/2021
The PHS FCOI Policy: Principal Investigator Certification form is no longer used as of July 2017. See What SPO Requires: PHS FCOI Guide for Department Research Administrators and PIs. 7/2017
DOE Financial Disclosure 6/2022
State of California Financial Disclosure (Statement of Economic Interests for Principal Investigators: Form 700-U) 1/2022
Addendum to Statement of Economic Interests for Principal Investigators 1/2018
Conflict of Interest and Financial Disclosure for Human Subjects Conflict of Interest Committee: Human Subjects Human Subjects Financial Conflict of Interest Form 4/2018
NIH Assurance Certification NIH Proposals and Awards at Berkeley: NIH PI and Fellow Certification Requirements NIH Principal Investigator Assurance Certification Form (not required for applications submitted with Phoebe Proposal) 9/2023
NIH NRSA Fellowship Assurance Certification Form 10/2021
NIH Requirements on Education in the Protection of Human Subjects NIH Requirements on Education in the Protection of Human Subjects Human Subjects Training Certification Form 5/2015
NASA Investigative Requirements NASA Grants and Cooperative Agreement Handbook Provision 1260.35, Investigative Requirements (UCOP) NASA Access Restrictions Checklist 4/2015
DOE Foreign Government Talent Recruitment Program - IUT Federal Disclosure Related to Sponsored Projects Foreign Government Talent Recruitment Programs (FGTRP) Certification 12/2020
Cost Sharing and Matching Procedures for Cost Sharing And Matching Request for Central Campus Cost Sharing 1/2002
Subawards Subaward Process at Berkeley

Subrecipient Commitment Form Guidance Phoebe Subaward Request instructions
Subrecipient Commitment Form 12/2023
FDP Expanded Clearinghouse Participant Commitment Form 3/2022
Multiple Campus (MCA) Commitment Form (for subawards to other UC campuses only) 8/2023
Request to Subaward the Majority of Project Funds 6/2018
Fair and Reasonable Cost Analysis and Sole Source Justification: Subawards Under Contracts 9/2008
Mini-Audit Questionnaire 3/2022
Phoebe Subaward Request (Subaward Request: New Subaward Request and Subaward Amendment Request no longer used as of January 2021)
Subaward Closeout Checklist 3/2013
Fund Advance Fund Advance Request UCB Fund Advance Request Form 5/2019
Delegation of Signature Authority for Proposals Proposal Approval Process
Guidance for Review of Proposals by Deans, Directors, and Department Chairs
Phoebe Help: Approvals
Delegation of Signature Authority for Proposals 12/2018
Material Transfer Agreement Material Transfer Agreements are managed by IPIRA.